Step 3: Dialogue & sense making

Core need this step aims to fulfil: Connection

Key questions for this step:

What is alive in me after having listened to each perspective?
What underlying needs can we identify?

Some best practices that might be helpful: 

  • Make sure it is clear who is facilitating this part of the conversation. 
  • A talking piece may be helpful to ensure that everyone listens to each other
  • Visualize the time if you feel it adds value, so people can have a sense of the time available for the whole group to share. 
  • Invite people to look for patterns, insights and meaning that emerges after the sharing round(s).
  • Invite people to elaborate on their perspective by suggesting possible feelings and needs. 
  • Make visible if some misunderstandings have been resolved. 
  • Check in with the group to see whether the level of group connection could be improved.