Why this world needs Elephant Whisperers

In a time where more and more teams are expected to work in an autonomous way, facilitating team dialogue about interpersonal tensions might well be one of the most crucial aspects of leadership. And one of the most challenging. Discover more about Elephants and how to address them by discovering the 5 steps and joining one of our next trainings

Upcoming trainings

Save the date for our next training: 25-27 March 2020 in Affligem, Belgium. For more info or registration, click here.

For further information and to inquire about tailor-made in-house trainings please contact us at info@strongteamstalkaboutelephants.eu

Quotes from participants:

Highly enjoyable and practical course that will teach the process of spotting and resolving conflicts. I’ll put it to use in all aspects of my life. I highly recommend it!

“The training is like Italian food. Great depth and flavour with very simple but rich ingredients.”

“Really deep and useful training. I take with me a clear structure but also a lot of humanity and compassion!”

About us

‘Strong Teams About Elephants’ is a co-creation of Mira Bangel, Sara Leysen and Bart Oste. More info about us here