Our offerings

Elephants training for teams
In this two-day training, the team builds the skills and awareness to communicate with each other in an open way, even around difficult or sensitive topics. We will explore and practice step-by-step the crucial elements in having an open team dialogue around elephants in the room.
The training can be organized both off-site or in-company.

Teamcoaching and mediation
Sometimes the elephants in the room can be so big that it’s too scary for teams to bring them out themselves. In team-coaching or mediation we will support the team by facilitating or mediating the dialogue around interpersonal tensions. In this process, we offer a clear structure for the dialogue, to create a context where team members feel safe to express themselves

Train the trainer: creating elephant whisperers in your organization
If you are looking for ways to enhance the psychological safety and trust within more than one team in your organization, then maybe you want to train some of your co-workers to become elephant whisperers. We offer these co-workers an in-depth training in facilitation and conflict resolution skills, so they can take up a supporting/coaching role throughout the organization around tension and conflict in teams.

For further information and to inquire a tailor-made offer please contact us at info@strongteamstalkaboutelephants.eu