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Strong teams talk about elephants is a co-creation of

Mira Bangel

Co-founder of SenseTribe Consulting, Sociocracy 3.0 trainer, member of LearnS3 and specialist in participatory methods. Mira is German/Iranian, based in Madrid and has worked in international business for over 15 years across Europe, Latin America, Australia and China. 
Over the past 8 years she has helped to develop 3 international businesses, two of them with a participatory model. Mira is a SCRUM Master and non-violent communication certification candidate and holds degrees in Communication Management (NL) and in Environmental Decision Making (UK). 
She will share with you hands-on experience and learning points directly from the practice of applying participatory leadership, NVC, Sociocracy 3.0 in a pan-European, horizontal, multidisciplinary, ‘teal’ work environment.

Sara Leysen

As a psychologist Sara has always been exploring what it is that people need to fully develop their potential. Over the last five years, her focus has more and more shifted to teams and organizations. She is passionate about team- organizational processes that contribute to individual and collective well-being. 
As certified trainer in Non-Violent Communication, (team)coach, facilitator and mediator she supports teams and organizations around shared leadership, organizational culture and participatory methods. She coaches and trains people in organizations to develop their own facilitation and leadership skills, regardless of their role in the organization. 

Bart Oste

Bart is an enthusiastic, motivating and communicative agilist with a constant drive to improve life in the world around him. He supports teams and organisations in their transformation towards more agility and on their path to become a more engaging, human and effective place to work. 
He is passionate about creating an environment for individual and organisational change by applying Sociocracy 3.0, Agile and Scrum, Non-Violent Communication, Art of Hosting, CTT Barrett values, etc.

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