Step 2: Bringing out the elephant

Core need this step aims to fulfil: Equivalence

Key questions for this step:

What do I need to be fully present with the group? 
What is alive in each person?

Some best practices that might be helpful: 

  • Timing is key, do make sure people are not in a rush or with other burning priorities in mind for such a session and schedule sufficient time, so there are no time constraints. 
  • Create space for a check-in before speaking about the issue to help people to be present and also check whether this is really the right moment for people to speak about this.
  • Invite someone to support with the facilitation of the session and help with the framing. 
  • Visualize the time if you feel it adds value, so people can have a sense of the time available for the whole group to share. 
  • Invite people to listen with curiosity to each person’s perspective and not to respond or start a dialogue at this stage. 
  • Speak in rounds and invite the person sensing the tension to start. There can be several rounds if needed until participants feel it is good enough to move on to the next step.